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  • Serving Arizona Since 1972

    We are a family owned business that prides itself on customer service and integrity.

    Equipped+Ready for Your Peace of Mind.

  • Serving Arizona Since 1972

    We are a family owned business that prides itself on customer service and integrity.

    Equipped+Ready for Your Peace of Mind.

With over 50 years of experience serving the Southwest, we know what it takes to deliver top fire protection + security systems and services. That’s why we have highly trained teams that excel in every area. From design, installation and inspection to repair and monitoring for both fire and security, we deliver superior quality and peace of mind. Learn more about Metro Fire+Security.

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Full Service Fire Protection + Security

Why take on the burden of managing multiple vendors when we can handle the entire process. From new construction to system upgrades and everything in between, we have the in-house resources and expertise to ensure your project gets done right.


Our streamlined design + installation approach ensures your fire and security systems are seamlessly integrated, meeting all your objectives. Our team, comprised of NICET Level 4 certified designers and equipped with the latest software, delivers precision and efficiency from permitting to installation.


We provide comprehensive installation services for both fire prevention and security systems, covering all underground necessities, from trenching to pipe laying. Our strategic partnerships with suppliers like Siemens, Gamewell, and Silent Knight, ensure options and flexibility, and reduces potential supply chain delays.


Experience risk mitigation through advanced inspection expertise supported by cutting-edge technology. Our certified technicians, boasting extensive training and experience, stand eqiupped and ready to assist you promptly. Additionally, our accessible 24/7 inspection portal ensures timely access to essential reports.


When issues arise, you need a partner who can swiftly and effectively identify and resolve them. We offer comprehensive, brand-agnostic repair services for problems, no matter their complexity.


Our comprehensive system monitoring services, powered by our proprietary Alarm Monitoring Portal, or "AMP," enhance our NFPA- and UL-compliant central station monitoring. AMP enables instant response notifications, covering everything from low battery alerts to system malfunctions.


Metro Fire+Security offers you complete fire protection and security systems install, service, and maintenance with one call.

AZ Licensed Contractor: C-16:111021, CR-67:103313, CR-5:213027, CR-80:295875, R-16:166777 NV Licensed Contractor: C-41:0081042 NM Licensed Contractor: CID-411501 (EE98, MS12, and MS14) TX Licensed Contractor: ECR-3005835, ACR-3016458, SCR-G-3016450 CA Licensed Contractor: C-16:1045099

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