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Fire Alarm Service and Repair

Metro Fire+Security’s team of trained and knowledgeable field technicians service and repair a wide range of fire alarm systems including major brands Fire-Lite, Silent Knight, Gamewell, and Siemens.

Our technicians are experienced in troubleshooting false alarms, replacing bad devices and wiring, repairing ground faults, programming corrections, repairing damage caused by lightning strikes and power surges, providing system upgrades, and correcting fire alarm deficiencies.

Metro Fire+Security also offers 24-Hour emergency service and support

Metro offers installation, service, tenant improvements, and design of fire alarm systems

Our experienced technicians will ensure that code requirements are followed. We will guarantee that your fire alarm is maintained and certified on an annual basis. Below is a list of items that are tested and checked on an annual basis:


Per Standard NFPA 72 Guidelines

Annual service and inspection of fire alarm systems to include (if applicable):

  • Function test of fire alarm control panel & annunciator in normal & emergency battery back up condition.
  • Function test of fire alarm initiating devices.
  • Testing and inspection of all smoke and thermal heat detectors
  • Testing of manual pull stations.
  • Testing of all sprinkler water flow & tamper switches.
  • Verification of signals to monitoring company
  • Test of door closures and elevator recall.
  • Function test of magnetic door holders and dampers.
  • Speakers.
  • Horn strobes, strobes, and horns.
  • Bell and/or chimes.
  • Service tag installed on system panel.
  • A detailed report submitted to the City to meet code requirements.

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