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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Service & Repair

Metro also offers installation, tenant improvements, and design of fire sprinkler systems. Click here for more info.

Our experienced technicians will ensure that code requirements are followed. We will guarantee that your fire sprinkler system is maintained and inspected on an annual basis. Below is a list of items that are tested and checked on an annual basis:


Per Standard NFPA 25 Guidelines

Annual service and inspection of fire sprinkler systems to include (if applicable):

  • Visual inspection on accessible below the ceiling pipe and sprinkler heads for condition and coverage.
  • Audible & physical test of water motor gong / electric bell & trim accessories.
  • Operate inspectors test valve to activate water gong / electric bell & verify functional flow of system.
  • Exercise and lubricate valves as needed.
  • Visual inspection of system pressure gauges.
  • Testing of flow & tamper switches.
  • Visual inspection of spare sprinkler head box.
  • Testing of static & residual pressures to verify unobstructed & adequate water supply.
  • Service tag installed on system riser & inspectors test valve.
  • A detailed report submitted to the City to meet code requirements.

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