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Access Control

Maintaining the security and access to your home or office is important. When you’re looking for security systems and need to consider access control, we are here to assist you.

It doesn’t matter if you need access control for one door or multiple doors because we have the solution for your needs. Our access control systems can even combine the power of Smart Card Technology. No matter what your access control system needs are, we are here to get you started.

Give us a call at (480) 464-0509 or fill out our online form so we can schedule a free estimate.

Benefits of an Access Control System:

  • keep track of all users with security access
  • Grant or terminate access in seconds
  • No need to re-key
  • Doors may be locked down or unlocked immediately in the event of an emergency

We offer access control service through two key providers: Brivo and LenelS2. See information about these providers below.



Brivo captured the vision to use cloud technology and internet connected devices (IoT) to control access to physical spaces. Brivo provides cloud-based hosting for your entry control, video and ID badging, devices and doors. This allows you to monitor, manage, and control your facilities in real-time from anywhere. Brivo also offers onsite servers for secure and scalable appliance-based access control for single or multi-site applications

Brivo's products can be seen at: https://www.brivo.com/



With over 200 certified product interfaces and an open API, you can truly optimize your LenelS2 access control system to meet your security and operational needs. By unifying your LenelS2 access control system with video management, intrusion alarms, building systems, business systems and more, you can synthesize data in a single user. With a range of deployment options that include browser-based applications, easy-to-install network appliances and the cloud, LenelS2 meets all your needs.

See LENEL S2's access control products at: https://www.lenels2.com/en/us/security-solutions/access-control/

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