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Locksmith Services

Whether you need a simple re-key for a home, the installation of an exit bar on a commercial door, or a complete re-key of a commercial building complex with masters and multiple sub-masters, we can do it. We can provide you with:

  • Lock Repairs
  • Lock Installation
  • Deadbolts
  • Exit Devices
  • Door Closers
  • High Security Keyways
  • Pool Gate Locks
  • Key Replacement and Copies

Whether You Need Residential, Commercial or Industrial Locksmith Services, We Have the Right Solution for You.


Don’t pay to have your locks replaced! Just have them re-keyed so the old keys no longer work. Set up an appointment for a technician to come to you, or bring the locks into our office.

High Security Keys

Looking for key control? Do you want to make sure when you hand out a key that other copies aren’t made? We offer several levels of key control. These solutions can help you get a hold of your key situation and make sure that your keys don’t begin to multiply. Have an HOA or Community Pool? Call us!

Master Key

Do you own a business and want different keys to open different doors, but you also want one key that opens them all? That’s master keying! We can help you map out how you want your system and we will set you up properly.

Pilfer Guards

Stealing can be a real problem, especially in restaurants. These local alarm sirens can keep someone from walking out the back door with your food. These are also great for fire exits and emergency doors.

Exit/Panic Bars

We service and install exit bars on wood, steel, and aluminum frame doors. We handle Von Duprin, Cobin Russwin, Adams Rite, and other doors. We even partner with gate companies to install exit bars on gates.

Deadbolts & Handles

Do you have a handle on a door that needs a lock? Do you want to add a deadbolt for additional security? Need a handle that stays locked all the time? We can replace, install or fix your existing setup to make sure that your door is secure.

Locked Out? Lost Keys?

Getting locked out is frustrating, and it puts a halt to your daily life. We will get you back into your home or office so you can get back to your life.

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